Quick-Start Your Holistic Employee Wellness Program

Improve productivity and reduce employee stress and burnout.

With support to overcome challenges during their time of need, employees can better manage their day-to-day obligations, stay on track with goals and accomplish their work feeling productive and engaged — a win for both employees and employers.

We can help you:

  • Connect employees with resources and tools that help them find work-life balance to minimize stress
  • Empower employees with access to educational resources that allow them to choose wellness topics relevant to their specific needs
  • Enable employees to make positive health and lifestyle choices by offering wellness coaching that provides personalized emotional support and expert advice when they need it

Services Include

Remote Coaching Sessions

Virtual visits allow our coaches to understand employee habits and make recommendations to help them achieve optimal well-being. Employees receive a personalized experience and emotional support to reach their goals.
Online Wellness Resources

Along with personalized coaching, we engage employees through online webinars and videos that support and encourage positive behavior changes based on areas most relevant to them.
Expert Advisors

Our certified wellness coaches tackle emotional barriers, vision planning, goal setting, stress management and identifying personal motivators.
Results Reporting

We monitor and track progress and provide aggregate reporting to demonstrate program results.
Program Promotion

Effectively communicating your wellness coaching program is imperative in motivating employees to participate. We provide digital flyers you can easily share to promote engagement in your program.

A Whole Person Approach to Well-being

Our approach empowers employees to achieve lasting lifestyle changes in the areas of mental, physical, social, and financial wellness.

We help employees with a variety of needs:

  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Wellness
  • Work/life balance
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Financial Wellness
  • and more!

Choose the Program to Meet Your Needs


From Employers

"We believe investing in our employees by providing the tools necessary for success is essential. Not only in the workplace but in life. I am so pleased to work with Insight Wellness Works and to see the change in our employees after this program and the personal coaching sessions. Small changes with consistency can make a difference and have a large impact on their financial well-being." - Director, Manufacturing - 22 employees

"We want to promote health and wellness, so we offer the classes as a way for employees to be able to easily access group fitness classes. We think that there are positive health benefits to be gained from participating. Insight Wellness Works offers employees information on how to make improvements in their well-being—from fitness to nutrition to stress to financial information—they address the whole package of wellness.” - VP Finance, Medical Technology - 900 employees

"The wellness coaches are encouraging to employees of all health levels. Our employees value the convenience of being able to participate on their own schedule. On the administrative side, it’s very low maintenance. Overall, the convenience, ease, and quality both administratively and for employees has made us very satisfied." - Government - 2000 employees

From Employees

“I loved my wellness coach. She was very healthful with all the information I wanted to learn and she gave me homework to make sure I was staying focused. I can tell she really cared about helping me and was passionate about her work. ”

“My wellness coach was very attentive and knowledgeable. She was understanding and compassionate and had good suggestions.”

“I have been able to improve my energy level significantly and feel alive again. I’ve incorporated changes into my current lifestyle to make eating healthier easy.”

"My wellness coach was great. She listened and made me feel safe. She was very genuine and caring. She is passionate about what she does."

"I liked the easy tips provided to help improve my quality of life."

About Insight Wellness Works

Insight Wellness Works enables employers and busy professionals to accelerate progress toward their goals by empowering them to perform at their best. We are a one-stop shop of credentialed and insured wellness professionals offering a suite of wellness services that focus on health promotion and disease prevention. Our passionate team of instructors, dietitians, therapists and coaches deliver a variety of programs and services relating to nutrition, mental health, fitness, financial wellness and more.