Wellness Coaching

Individual Coaching

Insight Wellness Works coaches are trained as behavior specialists and utilize a motivational interviewing approach to coaching. Research has shown that self-change is a staged process and that we move from not thinking about behavioral change, to thinking about it, to planning to change, then testing out ways to do it before they start. Insight Wellness Works coaches guide your employees through these stages to bring them closer to their wellness goals. Both in-person and phone coaching sessions are available, and you can mix them depending on your needs. This is where you’ll get the one- on-one feedback you cannot get anywhere else. We offer wellness coaching for many different purposes:

  • Health Coach - Personal health with a focus on nutrition and fitness
  • Personal Trainer – One-on-one fitness instruction
  • Registered Dietitian - Personal nutrition program
  • Life/Business Coach - Establishing goals & increasing productivity
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Stress management and happiness
  • Financial Coach - Focus on personal goals to achieving financial success

We address more than nutrition and exercise. Our coaches tackle emotional barriers, vision planning, goal setting, stress management and identifying personal motivators through a support team. Our coaches use a “readiness to change” model. The model aids the participant to take charge of decisions and to proceed with positive steps toward permanent change.

Group coaching

Includes educational, support-style meetings, and resources and accountability to keep your employees focused on their wellness goals. Through the support meetings and email access to a coach, we motivate, reward and celebrate your employees moving them toward their greatest potential. These affordable programs run in eight-week sessions and can continue year-round.

Nutrition Counseling

One-on-one with a Registered Dietitian

Includes an initial assessment of nutrition needs and a personal nutrition program designed to meet their goals. The RD will provide a medically supervised plan, custom menu planning and nutritional counseling. Follow-up session include: ongoing nutritional counseling, review of food logs, goals, accountability and personalized recommendations. Data reporting on measurable results also included.