Wellness Consulting

Wellness Strategy Development

Wellness in the workplace is a business strategy to improve the health of your company. We assist organizations in understanding key factors that are statistically connected to better business results to increase employee wellbeing and organizational health. We help you create a powerful strategy for addressing culture, leadership, employee engagement and employee wellbeing.

Health Fairs

Health fairs are an educational and interactive way to demonstrate to your employees that their health is important to you. These events typically last 3-5 hours in duration depending on your employee scheduling. Based on your input, we will plan the event, coordinate with relevant exhibitors to provide information and activities during the event and provide on-site staff the day of the event.

Interest Surveys

Find out what your employees would like to have in the way of wellness offerings. Using a vendor such as Insight Wellness Works helps with trust in confidentiality of the information that your employees are being asked to provide. An aggregate report of the survey results will be provided along with individual responses and comments.

Wellness Position Staffing

Need a Wellness Coordinator? From Wellness Manager to Employee Gym Attendant, we can cover your staffing needs from start to finish with our credentialed wellness professionals.

Wellness Portal

Insight Wellness Works can get you up and running with your own employee wellness portal. The portal is an engaging health education and self-management tool designed to empower your population to make choices that can improve the phyican, emotional, and social aspects of their lives. Choose the level of service and options that fit your needs. 

  • Challenges and campaigns to practice healthy decisions and tracking behaviors to strengthen healthy habits.
  • Sync fitness devices and apps - fully mobile responsive.
  • Incentive/reward tracking to positively reinforce successes