What our clients say…

Director of HR

Farmer Mold & Machine Works, Inc

"Farmer Mold & Machine Works believes investing in our employees by providing the tools necessary for success is essential. Not only in the workplace but in life. We contracted with Insight Wellness Works for the Living Paycheck to Purpose program. Open discussion in the weekly sessions brought about a new perspective and ultimately a way to achieve success as defined by each person. I am so pleased to work with Insight Wellness Works and to see the change in our employees after this program and the personal coaching sessions. Small changes with consistency can make a difference and have a large impact on their financial well-being. Farmer Mold is continuing this program on a quarterly basis. Deserie delivered all she promised and we look forward to offering our employees other programs with Insight Wellness Works."

VP of Finance


"We offer group fitness as a benefit to our employees. We want to promote health and wellness, so we offer the classes as a way for employees to be able to easily access group fitness classes. We think that there are positive health benefits to be gained from participating in fitness classes. Most of our jobs are fairly sedentary, so having the opportunity to get up and move around is wonderful! That, in conjunction with our monthly wellness seminar, should offer employees information on how to make improvements in their well-being—from fitness to nutrition to stress to financial information—we try to address the whole package of wellness.”

Human Resources Division, Employee Benefits Section

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

“The main reason why we renewed [with Insight Wellness Works] is the quality of the instructors. For both classes, the instructors have a “following” of regular attendees. Many of them attend just because of how great the instructor is. For both classes, they are energetic and encouraging to employees of all fitness levels. I’d say employees also value the convenience of being able to attend on-site right after work. On the administrative side, it’s very low maintenance. Overall, the convenience, ease, and quality both administratively and for employees has made us very satisfied.

Dave Fredericks

I was able to meet one on one with a nutritionist. She really helped recommend the proper food to eat and what not to eat. I never realized before meeting with her that I was not drinking enough water each day where my body was in a state of dehydration.” Positive health changes experienced through the the Insight Wellness Works Health Education and Nutritional Counseling program:
  • Pounds lost: 27
  • Blood pressure has come down (I will soon be able to get off my blood pressure medication)
  • ALT and AST liver enzymes are now at normal levels (was borderline for several years)
  • Hemoglobin A1c was at 5.8% which is borderline type 1, type 2 diabetes is now at 5.5% which is normal
  • Have much more energy now and do not get tired in the afternoon

Tracye L. Wilcox

Since I’ve started this program, I have incorporated Real Foods into my diet. I’ve learned to be specific with my vision and goals. I’m planning to succeed. I’m more aware of the calories that are right for me. I’m now enjoying moving more which makes me want to drink more water. Which brings me to the best part…Motivation. I am mindful of mindless eating. I am more aware of the calories that are right for me. I’m more active. The 8-week Motivation Plus Healthy Body class, which was offered at work, gave me the keys I needed to unlock that door. Positive health changes experienced through the the Insight Wellness Works Health Education and Nutritional Counseling program:
  • Seeing the results of clothes fitting better
  • Having more energy

Michele Hopstetter

Children's Home Network

"This was a wonderful experience with caring and motivated leaders! We used the Zumba classes and they were a blast, so much so that we booked an entire month for our employees. Very professional, fun event, and always keep us in the loop about any issues or changes. Thank you for such a wonderful even, we will be back for more!"

D Marshall

Hillsborough County Public Schools

"Insight provides onsite chair massage and group exercise classes for our employees by professionals who are knowledgeable and friendly. Scheduling and online payment is easy, and Deserie is flexible to customize the experience for our employees."

Wendy Weaver


K. Feeney

The Exercise for Success classes have given me the skills and encouragement to finally begin exercising and eating right! There is so much information out there regarding working out, that people like me get overwhelmed and they don’t do anything at all. When you don’t know what you’re doing, you just don’t know where to start. The class has taught me where to start, how to increase the level of training, how to design my own workout and how not to injure myself in the process! My muscles are actually beginning to feel like muscles, my range of motion steadily increases and I feel stronger every day. Thank you!

Kelli Marchman Rivera

Hillsborough County Schools, Elementary School Teacher

I am in control!!! Eating was taking over my life. I ate for every reason in the world except for being hungry. Since starting this program, I now am paying attention to what my body is telling me, and giving it what it asks for. Putting down my fork was the first step. Now, as a family, we eat more unprocessed foods (my husband is so excited about our new crock pot!), and we take the time to sit down with no distractions and enjoy each other’s company. And I’ve had my son tell others about how big your stomach actually is (a fist) and how much food it can hold. I LOVE hearing this thinking taking hold in my family.


I like that you realize we are not all at the same fitness level and showed us exercises that anyone can do. Now I feel more confident and excited to go to the gym because I can make up my own routine and feel like I belong there. My body definitely feels different even in this short time, my knees ache less and I feel stronger.