Wellness Education

Insight Wellness Works programs empower employees to be healthier and more engaged in their work.

Our onsite wellness education classes are taught by credentialed health and wellness professionals. We feature multi-session programs for nutrition and weight management, stress management, smoking cessation, financial wellness, and more as well as one-session workshops. We work with your needs to deliver the perfect onsite wellness education for your staff.

Group Education & Coaching Programs (Multi-session Series)

We help you in choosing programs that address the top health concerns facing your employees. Our energetic coaches facilitate educational, support-style meetings, and offer resources and accountability to keep your employees focused on their wellness goals. Through the support meetings and email access to a coach, we motivate, reward and celebrate your employees moving them toward their greatest potential. These affordable programs run in four to twelve-week sessions and can continue year-round. An elevated level of service, coordination and reporting comes with these programs. Wetailor and customize the programs according to our clients’ priorities, goals and budget.

  • Group coaching and topic-driven discussions
  • A mind/body approach to wellness
  • Support and accountability both in and out of the meeting room
  • Email access to your coach for the duration of the program
  • Goal setting and vision planning

It’s Your Move (Exercise & Stress Management)

Learn to be healthier, happier, have more energy, and enjoy more of your free time. This program gets the body moving and teaches how to reduce stress. It consists of four stress management classes and four stress- reducing movement classes. Your Insight Wellness Works coach is there all along the way to motivate and inspire healthy lifestyle changes as participants navigate the possibilities of finding a work/life balance that brings a sense of calm and control to life.

Walk Your Way to Wellness

In this comprehensive walking and nutrition basics program the focus is on walking safety, program design, and motivation. For the nutrition component, we talk about what “real” food is and what it does for the body. All participants receive a food and step tracking diary, and access to a health coach for the duration of the program. Employees “walk away” feeling empowered by a newly established walking routine and knowing how to make their food work for them.

Weighing on Wellness (Nutrition & Weight Management)

This interactive 6-week program is designed to educate participants on how to achieve not only an ideal body weight, but more importantly, a better quality of life. Learn the many ways in which the negative effects of eating poorly can present themselves and create a new outlook on food. This class goes beyond the basics and goes in depth into nutrition to help navigate through the conflicting trends to find a way of eating that is manageable.

Wellness Challenges

A Wellness Challenge is a fun and interactive way to jumpstart a wellness program. We offer an online solution that helps employees practice healthy decisions and track behaviors to strengthen healthy habits. This solution syncs with fitness devices and apps and offers incentive/reward tracking to positively reinforce successes. There are a variety of physical, nutrition, weight management, and wellness challenges to choose from. Each challenge includes:

  • Your company branding (colors, logo)
  • Social networking: health buddies, message boards, group chats, and teams.
  • Marketing flyer/poster
  • Weekly emails to sustain awareness and engagement
  • Reporting on participation, completions, and other metrics

From Mindless to Mindful Eating

“Mindless to Mindful Eating” explores the influences that govern the way we eat, when we eat, what we eat and how much we eat. This class covers a full spectrum of approaches to looking at the issue of eating without thought or intention. Experts state the difference between “hunger,” the physiologicalneed for food, and “appetite,” the psychological desire to eat. Recognizing and being mindful of emotions is a crucial factor in helping anyone change their behaviors towards food. Over the past 25 years, “mindful” practices in general, have been shown to have a positive impact on many areas of psychological and physical health, including stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and heart disease. This is a valuable class for participants looking to lose weight, feel more in control of eating choices, improve the relationship with food or just find more peace and balance in a daily meal routine.

Mindfully Stress-Free

In the “Mindfully Stress-Free” classes participants learn how to manage stress through mindfulness activities while creating a better work/life balance. Our highly qualified instructors help navigate the way through the many ways to decrease stress leading to a happier and more productive lifestyle.

Living Paycheck to Purpose

“Money problems” are a major stressor for many people. This financial empowerment series helps employees to take control of their financial life so they can realize their full potential in and out of the office. The program brings Financial Wellbeing to the workplace and shows employees the POWER OF THEIR PAYCHECK. Through unbiased financial education and coaching, this program transforms how your employees think about work by helping them connect the money they earn with the life of their dreams.